Hot weather forecast to return to France next week

Temperatures are expected to top 30C in parts of the southwest from Saturday (August 20)

France could be hit with another heatwave beginning Tuesday (August 23)
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France’s weather services are predicting a rise in temperatures from next Tuesday (August 23) after storms dissipate over the weekend.

However it is too early to say whether it will result in another heatwave (canicule).

France has already faced a series of heatwaves this summer, with the latest one only finishing on August 14 as storms spread across the country.

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Today’s weather forecast given by Météo-France shows temperature predictions of over 35C in parts of the country from Wednesday next week.

From this Saturday (August 20), temperatures will creep over 30C in parts of the southwest, such as in Hérault and the Pyrénées-Orientales. It will remain milder in much of the rest of the country, with temperatures hovering between 20 and 26C.

From Tuesday, a sharp increase in temperatures is expected, which will remain until the end of next week.

It is forecast that in all parts of the country, temperatures will be higher than usual averages, with around 31C expected in Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Weather service La Chaîne Météo is predicting 40C in some parts of the southwest.

Météo-France’s seven-day forecast shows high temperatures around the country on Wednesday (August 24). Credit: Screenshot / Météo-France

It is still too early at this stage to give totally accurate forecasts and it is not known if the high temperatures will transform into a classified heatwave – a canicule, in French. For a canicule to be declared, daytime and nighttime temperatures must remain higher than the seasonal average for a prolonged period of time.

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