MAP: Where do diners tip the most in France - and how much is usual?

It is more widespread in some regions, but nowhere is it as common as in America

Service staff do not rely on tips in France, where service charges are included in the bill

Tipping might be more common than you think in France according to a new study, although it is by no means as widespread - or as generous - as it is in America.

One in five restaurant tables leaves a tip, with the average being around 5.7% of the total bill, according to the new study by tipping app Sunday.

The study, which was drawn from data on a million transactions in restaurants between January 2 and March 31, 2024, found that tipping is significantly more common in certain regions than others.

Tipping was found to be most common in the southern Paca region (33%), followed by Normandy and Occitanie (both 24%). 

The least generous region was found to be Centre-Val-de-Loire (6%).

Tipping culture in France

Service staff in France are paid a living wage, and tipping is not as deeply ingrained into French culture as it is in American culture. 

In a 2023 Youpoll study only a third (37%) of people in France said they were inclined to tip in restaurants, as opposed 77% of Americans.and 78% of Germans.

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Indeed, according to the Sunday study, the most generous region in terms of the amount given per tip is the Grand Est, perhaps due to its proximity to Germany where tipping is more commonplace.

It should also be noted that the study, which reported lower numbers than the Youpoll study, only concerned customers who leave a tip electronically via a smartphone app - the real number of people clinking copper coins into tip trays might be higher, and the average tip lower.