MAPS: Who needs Paris Olympics 2024 QR access code, and how to get it

The passes will grant access to certain high-security zones during the Games

A view of someone holding a Paris 2024 card in front of the Eiffel Tower

Did you know that pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers will need a QR code access pass to access certain areas of the city during the Olympic Games this summer? Here is how it will work.

The website to request access passes during the Games opened on May 13. It will allow people to gain access to a digital ‘pass-jeux’ (‘Games-pass’), which is a kind of QR code that will allow access to certain restricted zones during the sporting event.

The zones will include high-security, anti-terrorist controls, as well as vehicle-free areas to ensure safety for crowds and spectators.

The Games will be held in France from July 26 to August 11, and the Paralympics from August 28 to September 8.

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What are the zones?

The Organising Committee has published a map showing the current zones that are available for pass applications. These are currently focused on the River Seine in Paris (because the Opening Ceremony on July 26 is happening on and around the river).

Perimeters in place before the Opening Ceremony (July 18-26) to 13:00

Perimeters in place before the Opening Ceremony (July 18-26)
Perimeters in place before the Opening Ceremony (July 18-26)

During the event, there will be blue and red zones (Périmètre bleu and Périmètre rouge).

At the time of writing, passes are only being issued for “access to the grey perimeter”, the police prefecture said in a statement. These will be needed “in the immediate vicinity of the river and continuously for 8 days prior to the event, i.e. from July 18 to 26”.

Perimeters the day of the Opening Ceremony (July 26) from 13:00

Perimeters the day of the Opening Ceremony (July 26)

Zones for Olympic and Paralympic sites (Trocadéro, Tour Eiffel, Champs de Mars, Invalides, Grand Palais, Pont Alexandre III, La Concorde)

Zones for Olympic and Paralympic sites

Who will need a pass? 

Anyone who wishes to enter the relevant zones, depending on the day and event. This includes: 

  • People on foot, on a bike, or e-scooter

  • People in cars, taxis, or VTCs (like Uber)

  • Drivers and people in commercial vehicles and HGVs

It will apply to residents, visitors, and people entering the area for work, including tourists. People staying in a hotel in the area, for example, will need to show proof of booking, while residents will need to show proof of address, such as an apartment rental contract.

Everyone will need to show a valid pass, and valid ID, to enter until 13:00 from July 18 to 26. After 13:00 on these dates, all traffic will be banned from the area.

A full list of the exact types of people and vehicles, and reasons for entry to the area - whether they will be permitted or not - is available on the Ville de Paris website here.

The ‘red’, ‘blue’ and ‘grey’ zones (for example, see the maps above) will change depending on the event taking place.

For example, the perimeters for the cycling time trials are different from those for the Paralympic Marathon, and the ones for events at the Arena La Chapelle differ to those for events at the Arena Bercy.

A full list of maps created for each event and arena is on the Ville de Paris website here.

Who will not need a pass?

During the Games, spectators with tickets will not need a pass to enter the zones to see their event. They will only need valid tickets for the event, and valid ID.

Emergency workers (rescue, breakdown services, etc.) in special emergency situations will not need a pass to enter the area. However, they will only be able to access restricted areas by decision of law enforcement, and under escort, for security reasons.

People who are working in the area - such as service providers, caterers, hotel staff, doctors etc - will also be able to get a waiver (dérogation) to enter the zones for work reasons. 

What passes will I need?

You will need:

  • One pass for the period before the Opening Ceremony (from July 18 to 26)

  • Another one from July 26 to August 11 for the period of the actual Games

  • Another one between August 28 to September 8 for the Paralympic Games

You currently - at the time of writing - cannot apply for a pass for any period other than the pre-Opening Ceremony dates.

How can I get a pass?

The only website offering the passes is Any other site or anyone asking for money for a pass is a scam, the Paris Police Prefecture has warned. 

The passes are named, only valid for the named individual in question, do not expire, and are free.

The passes will offer access to various areas around the Olympic Games perimeters, which will be divided into zones.

The website asks you to determine who you are applying for (a visitor, worker, resident), for a person or a vehicle etc. It then asks for your information, including proof of identity and other documents proving your need to access.

How will I receive my pass if I am successful?

Applications for a pass will be reviewed for security reasons. If successful, the applicant will then be issued with a QR code. This process could take several days.

Anyone who does not have access to the internet can apply for their pass at their local arrondissement Mairie.