New list allows you to search French lycées by 2023 exam results

The new official ranking also shows which schools exceeded expectations

A French baccalauréat général certificate on a table
The pass rate for the June 2023 baccalauréat was 95.7% for the general, 89.8% for the technological, and 82.7% for the vocational
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People in France can now search lycées in France by their 2023 baccalauréat exam (French equivalent of A-levels) results in a new list published by the Ministry of Education.

The list was published today (March 20), and is based on criteria including:

  • Their baccalauréat exam results for 2023

  • The number of ‘mentions’ (honours or ‘with distinction’) for 2023

  • Their ‘total added value’ for these two indicators

You can search the ranking by name, town, department, and even establishment number, on the Education Ministry website.

The ‘total added value’ measures “the difference between the results obtained and the results that were hoped for, taking into account the educational and socio-professional characteristics of the pupils", the ministry said. This means that the higher a school’s ‘added value’, the more it has exceeded expectations, taking into account the profile of its pupils.

The Ministry stated that a high ‘added value’ means that a school has successfully “been able to develop in students, who may have been less well-equipped at the start, the knowledge and skills that have enabled them to succeed".

The pass rate for the June 2023 baccalauréat was 95.7% for the general baccalauréat, 89.8% for the technological, and 82.7% for the vocational.

Private vs state schools

Private lycées dominate the rankings, as do establishments in Paris. The highest-scorer is the lycée Saint-François d'Assise in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines), which had a 100% pass and honours rate. It also had a high added value.

Outside of Paris, the Lycée privé Lacordaire in Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) came in 9th place, with a pass rate of 100% and a distinction rate of 99%.

A number of factors can contribute to a high score, but some schools - especially private establishments - use selection or have a ‘success’ threshold, meaning that students whose attainment levels are considered to be too low are asked to switch to a different kind of bac (or even switch school) before they take their final exams.

In a bid to make this easier to spot, the list also shows the rate of ‘access to the baccalauréat’, meaning the percentage of students who stayed at the establishment throughout their studies, and were able to take their exams at the end.

The top 10 lycées in France (general and technology)

  • Lycée Saint-François d'Assise (private), Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines)

  • Lycée Saint-Michel de Picpus (private), Paris 12th arrondissement

  • Lycée Notre-Dame (private), Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine)

  • Lycée Saint-Jean de Passy (private), Paris 16e arrondissement

  • Lycée Sainte-Marie (private), Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine)

  • Lycée Henri IV (public), Paris 5th arrondissement

  • Lycée Stanislas (private), Paris 6th arrondissement

  • Lycée Madeleine Danielou (private), Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine)

  • Lycée Lacordaire (private), Paris 6th arrondissement

  • Lycée Notre-Dame de Sion (private), Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine)

  • The top 10 lycées in France (professional)

  • Lycée du Grésivaudan (public), Meylan (Isère)

  • Lycée Jean-Paul II (private), Compiègne (Oise)

  • Oratoire Sainte-Marie (private), Auch (Gers)

  • Lycée Airbus (private), Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)

  • Lycée Sainte-Anne (private), Sablé-sur-Sarthe (Sarthe)

  • Lycée Bernat Etxepare (private), Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

  • Lycée Saint-Joseph (private), Gabarret (Landes)

  • Lycée Saint-François de Sales (private), Alençon (Orne)

  • Lycée de la Plaine (public), Eysines (Gironde)

  • Lycée hôtelier Daniel Brottier (private), Bouguenais (Loire-Atlantique)

  • Only 11 state schools feature in the top 100. However, even if they do not appear in the top 100 overall, many state schools are doing well in terms of ‘added value’.

    For example, the Lycée Georges Imbert in Sarre-Union (Bas-Rhin) came in 224th place, but it has a 100% pass rate and an 80% honours rate, meaning it has an ‘added value’ of 21 points. This shows its effort and success in helping more disadvantaged students to pass.

    Similarly, the Germaine Tillion lycée in Le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis), only ranked 1506th. Yet, it had a 95% pass rate, a 55% distinction rate, and 21 points of added value.

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