Russians jailed for attack on England fan at Euro 2016

French court jails two men after attack left England supporter permanently disabled

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Teacher Mikhail Ivkin received a three-year term, while truck driver Pavel Kossov was handed 10 years after they were convicted of "gang violence with weapons, leading to permanent infirmity" for the attack on Portsmouth man Andrew Bache, in Marseille.

The 55-year-old, required emergency first aid at the scene and was left in a coma after receiving three or four blows to the head as violence swept the city of Marseille during the European championships in June 2016. Violence gripped the city before and after the two nations met on June 11, 2016.

The prosecution said the Russians were part of a group of about 150 men who went on the rampage before the game. Kossov was accused of throwing the first punch, and Ivkin of hitting Mr Bache with a chair.

Kossov and Ivkin - both Spartak Moscow supporters - were arrested as they travelled through Germany after a Spartak Moscow match in Bilbao in February 2018, 20 months after Bache suffered his life-changing injuries. They have been held in a French prison since March 2018.

They will also be banned from from returning to France once they have served their sentences.

Mr Bache's son Harry represented him in court to face his father's attackers. The court was told his father was too ill to attend the trial and has no memory of the events of that day.