UK updates official France webpage over new EU border control checks

Clarification on driving licence exchanges has also been included

Border checks at Charles de Gaulle airport
The Entry/Exit System is reported to be coming into force this Autumn

The UK government has updated its official Living in France webpage to provide new information about upcoming changes to the French border. 

The updates (published today, July 10) confirm that new biometric controls for non-EU nationals travelling into the Schengen area, known as the Entry/Exit System, are scheduled to come into force in Autumn. 

There had been calls for the project to be delayed again but no later date is listed.

“In Autumn 2024, the EU will introduce a new digital Entry/Exit System (EES). Non-EU nationals, including UK nationals, visiting the EU will need to create a digital record when entering the EU’s Schengen Zone. This includes providing biometric data (fingerprints and facial image) at the border,” says the page. 

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The page also lists those who do not have to pass these biometric checks, including residents of France under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and Britons who also have French or another EU nationality.

No details on an official EU app related to the scheme are mentioned. A smartphone app is currently in development, but is not scheduled to launch until after EES comes into force. 

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It also confirms how children can be exempt from the new rules via a DCEM document. 

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Driving licence exchange information updated

A second change on the website relates to motorcyclists switching – or that have switched – between a UK and French driving licence, and how they can retain their motorcycle category on a French permit.

Previously, some motorcyclists faced difficulty doing so, particularly if they had passed their test before 1974, due to the way British driving authorities digitised information on older driving licences.

The Connexion covered these changes in June. 

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