We’re treated as pariahs

I often feel expats are treated as pariahs. In France we lost the fuel allowance as France is a “hot” country due to the Dom Toms being included.

Pensioners have to prove that they are still alive with a signature from an official.

We knew building societies would not allow us to have a savings account, but now we have received a letter from our bank saying that as we do not live in the UK we are not allowed a savings account.

We need a European Health Insurance Card for medical treatment on visits to the UK but does it still apply that people from all around the world can receive medical treatment free?

If you have lived in the EU for more than 15 years you are not allowed to vote in the UK.

If the UK left the EU and some expats returned, many would not be able to buy a house due to high prices and, as many expats are pensioners and perhaps need some medical treatment, I think the NHS would be in more trouble than they are now.

O. BAKER, Hérault