What’s coming up the week of September 12 in France?

We look at a new hot spell (and forecast storms), special events to celebrate the country’s rich history, an exceptional anti-inflation payment and more

We look at what the week ahead has in store in France
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A new short hot spell settles over France

Potentially record-breaking high temperatures are arriving in France today (Monday, September 12), especially in the south-west where it is forecast to reach 35C in places.

Such highs would be a first for this time of year.

The heat is being fuelled by the former hurricane Danielle off the coast of Portugal, which is creating a flow of warm air heading towards France.

Although only the south-west will see temperatures reaching 35C, the southern two thirds of the country is expected to see 30C or more.

Météo-France has described these temperatures as “very high for mid-September”.

Storms will follow.

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Journées du patrimoine

This year’s Journées européennes du patrimoine (European heritage days) will take place on Saturday and Sunday (September 17-18) in France.

The Journées du patrimoine offer free museum visits, special access to private exhibits, guided tours and workshops, with this year’s event centring on the theme of ‘Patrimoine durable’ (Sustainable heritage).

On Friday (September 16), school children and teachers will be invited to discover the heritage of their region, through the ‘Levez les yeux !’ (Lift up your eyes!) event.

For example, children will be able to enjoy a circus show including jugglers and a trapeze artist after a tour of the ramparts of Aigues-Mortes in Gard, while people in Pays de la Loire are invited to attend a talk on the Abbaye Saint-Nicolas in Angers.

You can find out more about the hundreds of events on offer through this interactive map.

Exceptional rentrée payments on way

Thursday (September 15) will see France’s prime exceptionnelle de rentrée payments made to around 11 million households.

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This one-off payment aims to help people on lower incomes with the rising cost of living.

Eligible people include those receiving the revenu de solidarité active (RSA), the allocation aux adultes handicapés (AAH), the allocation de solidarité aux personnes âgées and various different housing benefits.

The payment will be €100 plus €50 for each dependent child.

People who receive the prime d’activité also qualify but will receive the lower amount of €28, with an additional €14 for each child in the household - but this payment will not come until November.

It should be noted that the prime de rentrée exceptionnelle is not the same as the allocation de rentrée scolaire, which aims to give lower income families assistance with the costs of returning to school, and varies depending on the age of the child and what their parents earn.

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The ‘I’m from Rennes’ festival returns

The ‘I’m from Rennes’ music festival which began on September 8 will run until September 17, with 27 shows taking place in various venues around the Breton capital.

There are concerts happening in bars, brasseries, in the metro and in secret locations around the city.

There will also be a show at the Art Déco Saint-Georges swimming pool. The festival will invite theatre and dance companies to mark the 100th anniversary of the pool’s opening on Saturday (September 17) to mark the Journées du patrimoine.

You can find out more about the festival here.

Festival Coco Jazz

On Wednesday (September 14), the Festival Coco Jazz will begin in Gaillac (Tarn).

Visitors will be able to enjoy jazz concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and dance sessions in different locations around the town.

Performers include Naima Girou on double bass and voice, an Arabic jazz and rock band called Sarab and jazz-funk from Cissy Street.

You can find out more about the festival here.

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