Are there dairy-free ice cream and other similar products in France?

Alternative foods to suit dietary restrictions are becoming more popular

Vegan products are usually suitable for those looking for dairy-free items

Reader Question: I am planning to move to France from the US and have a severe lactose allergy. Can you find dairy-free products in France, without premium prices? 

Contrary to what some may think given France’s culinary stereotypes, products that are vegan or fit other dietary restrictions are becoming more common in France. 

For those who are lactose intolerant, vegan dairy products should be sought out, as these will be lactose-free. 

Most supermarkets will stock vegan versions of dairy products including ice cream and cheeses. 

They may have their own specific sections within the chilled and frozen aisles, depending on the size of the store in which you are shopping.

Supermarkets now stock vegan versions of established French or even global brands which have their products stocked in multiple shops. 

Through an online search, we found vegan ice creams available in Carrefour, Leclerc, Intermarché, and Monoprix. Other supermarkets are likely also to stock at least some version of lactose-free ice cream.

Some, such as frozen food specialists Picard, and Auchan offer cheaper, own-brand, vegan ranges. 

However, these products – either own-brand or premium – are generally more expensive than their lactose counterparts. 

You can also have vegan products including lactose-free ice cream and cheese delivered to your home via a number of online shops that cater to those with special dietary needs. 

This may be more expensive than purchasing in stores.

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