Boost the warmth from a wood stove in your French home

Stove fans let you direct heat away from a fireplace and around the room

Stove fans make wood burners much more efficient by directing heat where it is needed
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A stove fan is a great way to direct heat away from the fireplace and around your home - and they cost less than €30.

Wood stoves are a carbon neutral, economical and atmospheric way to warm your home, but much of the heat that they generate is lost up the chimney.

Many stoves that do not have an integrated ventilator to diffuse their heat can be made more efficient by fitting or placing a stove fan on top of them.

What is a stove fan?

Stove fans are devices placed on top of or attached to the stove that diffuse heat around the room. Since stoves can be extremely hot, it could be dangerous to use a normal fan for this.

However, stove fans are designed for this purpose and are typically made of robust, heat resistant materials, such as metal and silicone. Some even have operational temperatures as high as 350°C.

They do not need batteries or electricity to work, but instead draw thermoelectric energy from the heat of the stove.

There are two main types:

  • Free standing fans, that you place on top of your stove
  • Flume mounted fans, that are attached to the chimney flue

What are the drawbacks of a stove fan?

The main one is that they can be noisy, through vibration or rattling. Usually however, stove fans generate less than 40db, which is comparable to the sound of rain.

They are also potentially dangerous, particularly if they have metal rather than silicone blades.

How much does a stove fan cost in France?

Prices vary between around €25 for rudimentary models and up to €90 for more elaborate devices. You will find many models available in DIY shops or online.

Make sure that your stove is suited to a fan before purchasing one.

Free standing fans usually require a metal stove with a flat top, and a rising chimney flue is required for a flume mounted fan.

Popular models include:

TOMERSUN 3 blade - Available from Amazon for €29.32

Pic: Amazon
  • Aluminium
  • 22.1 x 17 x 9.1cm
  • 450g

CEVAN 6 blade - Available from Leroy Merlin for €36.99

  • Aluminium
  • 19x14x11cm
  • 650g
Pic: Leroy Merlin

CEVAN 8 blade - Available from Leroy Merlin for €39.99

  • Anodised aluminium
  • 13.9x20.5x7.5cm
  • 850g

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