Can I find details of any driving fines in France online?

Unpaid speeding or parking tickets can result in increasing fines

Traffic offences may also result in a points deduction from a French licence, depending on their severity
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Reader Question: I received a parking ticket a few weeks back but have not heard anything since. I do not want to be charged extra for not paying any fine, can I find information about it online?

If you have received a ticket for a contravention and are unsure if it involves a fine – or what amount the fine is – you can find this information yourself. 

It is available through the ANTAI (Agence nationale de traitement automatisé des infractions) website

On the front page, click on the ‘consultez votre dossier d’infraction’ button on the main page.

You will need to provide information from the ticket you received – the numéro d'avis or référence de l'amende forfaitaire majorée, with the web page telling you where to find these numbers. 

You also need to give your family name and the date you received the ticket.

You can also use the ANTAI site to pay fines, through the ‘payez votre amande’ section, or contest a fine you have been given. 

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Can I view a history of driving fines in France? 

If you have committed multiple offences, or are concerned you may have committed an offence but have not received a ticket, you can request to view your complete offences dossier. 

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This is called a bordereau de situation des amendes et condamnations pécuniaires, or BSACP.

It will include information about historic offences and fines, as well as fines that are outstanding or have increased in amount due to not being paid. 

You must make the request to your local public treasury (Trésor public) details of which can be found online by searching ‘Trésorie amendes’ and including the name of your department. 

You must make the request by post explaining why you want access to your BSACP. 

If it is because you were flashed by a speed camera or your car was checked (controlé), you should mention this.

The letter should also include:

  • Your name, address and phone number

  • The make and model of your car

  • A copy of your carte grise and identity papers (ID card, passport, carte de séjour)