Do I need to sign up for French car boot sales?

Those participating in ‘vide-greniers’ must follow certain rules

People can only sign up to two car boot sales per year

Reader Question: We have lots of items we would like to sell at a vide-grenier. How can we take part?

Vide-Greniers – car boot-style sales of second-hand items – are subject to various rules in France.

To take part in a vide-grenier, unofficial listings sites such as or can help you to locate sales taking place near you and how to contact the organiser.

You will need to register to take part, which can sometimes be done online.

When registering, you should specify the planned size of your stall: a minimum of two metres is recommended.

You must certify that you have not taken part in more than two vide-greniers in the same calendar year, and you will sell only personal second-hand items (not including items you made to sell or that you bought specifically to sell on).

Income generally not taxable

Assuming this is the case, income generated is generally not taxable unless your proceeds are €5,000 or more than you originally paid for the item(s).

Also check your home insurance to ensure you are covered in the event of any harm to the public, such as your stand collapsing on someone.

To hold your own vide-grenier, you must inform your mairie and complete a declaration form which you can find here.

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