French property declaration: Who completes this if owned via an SCI?

The details to be given are the same as for individuals but the process is slightly different

Some people own property via a French SCI property company
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Reader question: We own our French property through an SCI. How do we make the declaration?

Properties that are owned by an SCI (société civile immobilière) follow a slightly different pathway for their declaration compared to individual members of the public.

Note that only one member of the SCI has to declare the property on behalf of the group.

If the property is permanently rented out to a tenant, it is still the responsibility of the SCI to declare the property.

You must declare the property via the company’s tax space.

You can log into this using the votre espace professionnel button on the French tax site

You should find the property listed in the Gérer mes biens immobiliers section, and the process for completing the declaration is the same as for individual owners of property.

You can read our article here to find out how to set up a tax space for your SCI if you have not yet done so.

Those who have their properties listed under a non-French company have in some cases reported problems, such as the property not showing up on the company’s tax space.

In this situation you should contact the local tax office for the area where the property is situated to make them aware of the problem.

In this case, the relevant section would be the businesses’ service, service des impôts des entreprises, as opposed to service des impôts des particuliers.

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