Grant to renovate French homes is extended with a bigger budget

Those applying for large sums, however, will soon have to use (and pay for) a professional adviser

Critics say the MaPrimeRénov scheme is too slow, with too much paperwork
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The MaPrimeRénov grant to improve the energy efficiency of homes will continue next year with an enlarged budget, even though critics say it is too complex and slow.

The scheme, launched in 2020 to combine all the help to renovate houses to reduce energy consumption in one place, will see its budget rise from €2billion to €2.5billion.

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Another change is that, from September 2023, anyone applying for grants of more than €10,000 will have to sign up with a Mon Accompagnateur Rénov professional.

Quentin Bordeaux, in charge of the project for Direction générale de l’énergie et du climat, said: “The idea is that the person applying for the grant is given help, both in deciding what work will be most beneficial but also on comparing estimates and on the full range of state help which they are entitled to.”

Costs have yet to be confirmed

Further details, including how much the accompagnateur will cost, are still being worked out.

“It will probably be more than €600 [the base level for an energy diagnostic needed for house sales], but will be accompanied by specific aid,” said Mr Bordeaux.

Accompagnateurs will have to be approved by the Agence nationale de l’habitat by demonstrating relevant experience.

“It could be someone who is an architect, or an energy consultant with the necessary diplomas,” said Mr Bordeaux.

“They must also be knowledgeable about the insulation and energy-efficiency solutions available.”

Tradespeople ‘put off by paperwork’

Anecdotal evidence is that many tradespeople, who have been swept off their feet with work since the end of lockdown, are reluctant to do MaPrimeRénov work because of the paperwork involved.

The cost and complexity of obtaining the RGE (Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement) certificate they are required to hold also puts some off.

Meanwhile, French radio has interviewed carpenters claiming clients who wanted work done through MaPrime Rénov were giving up because of the paperwork and length of time involved.

Budget spent for 2022

Mr Bordeaux said statistics show the scheme has been a great success and the €2billion budget for 2022 will all be spent.

“We are well on the way to handling 650,000 applications for aid this year.

“The scheme has enabled many people to make their houses more energy-efficient,” he said.

Figures published after the first three months of 2022 showed 32,107 people owning homes and 6,322 landlords applied for government aid, and the average amount received was €3,719.

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