How do tax credits for having a gardener at French home work?

Always make sure you use registered people to undertake work at your home

Tax credits are available for a number of activities

Reader Question: I used a small local firm for some gardening work (hedge cutting) which cost €1,100. I did not pay via the Cesu system but have an official invoice which I paid with my bank card. Do I need an attestation fiscale or can I claim a tax credit against this? 

It is not necessary to pay by the chèque emploi service universel (Cesu) system to benefit from a tax credit for home services. 

You can also benefit if you pay a firm or association working in the sector, in which case you need to make sure they have an agrément (accreditation) for services à la personne, so their work gives rise to a tax credit. 

These firms should provide, before the tax declaration season, an attestation fiscale annuelle detailing the work done. 

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You do not have to provide this to the tax office to claim the credit but you should keep it for your records in case of queries. 

It is true that paying by Cesu is another means of benefiting from a tax credit, but this is a form of direct employment whereby a homeowner, for example, employs a gardener to work for them. It helps simplify the formalities, including obligations such as paying social charges on the work.

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