Is home composting now mandatory in France?

New rules revolving organic waste came into force earlier this year

Many local authorities are encouraging people to start composting

Reader Question: Is it true there is now an obligation to compost your kitchen waste? I do not have the room or equipment for it.

Since January 1, there are new rules surrounding bio (organic) waste.

Households are now asked to separate it from normal rubbish, and one way to do this is through composting.

Composting, however, is not mandatory.

While individuals are encouraged to do it at home, not everyone has the means.

That is why local authorities are expected to offer solutions by organising door-to-door collections, special bin lorries, or by providing locations for bio waste collection.

It can then be recycled into compost or converted into biogas.

Local councils are responsible for plans

Many local authorities are not yet ready to provide these solutions. If yours is among these and you do not have the equipment for composting, there may be other avenues to deal with your waste.

One solution could be to liaise with neighbours and set up a joint composting system.

Otherwise some local authorities are offering ways to help you start composting individually, either by teaching you how to do this or by selling composting equipment at reduced prices (or even giving it away for free).

For example, local authorities in Lyon are providing compost bins on request if your household has access to a garden.

Others will provide a composting bin if you attend a composting information session so it is worth finding out if there are any schemes near to where you live.

No announcements have been made about fines, so you do not at present face any penalties if you are unable to sort waste.

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