Key points to help you complete France’s new obligatory property form

We take you through the steps and answer reader questions about the declaration which should be made by end of the June this year

All residential property owners must complete a new form
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January’s announcement of a new mandatory property declaration for all owners of French residential property has caused some confusion both from readers and the wider French population.

Around 34 million homeowners will need to complete the form (online or by phone) by June 30.

Here, we list previous articles which can help and include the contents alongside so you find the information you may need quickly.

  • An in-depth look at the form’s contents, an overview as to why the form has been introduced and what to do about adding new contents to your property including how to declare additional aspects such as garages, parking spaces, and basements/cellars.
  • A list of common questions about the form from our subscribers. We look at help for SCI owners, those who rent their property out, and cases where there may be errors in pre-filled informationon the site.
  • Where to get help, with sections dedicated to residents and non-residents in France. This article also provides links to find your numéro fiscal, and links to the government’s own FAQ form in English for the declaration. It also explains why you may have trouble contacting authorities via telephone.
  • A step-by-step guide, with photos, on the form. This article will help explain the procedure to everybodywho already has access to the online space. If you cannot get access to the space, you should look through the above articles to either create your space, or contact the authorities to help you to do so.

The deadline for completion of this form is June 30 although the authorities have stated that fines (in theory €150 for each non declared property) were not expected to be levied in this first year of the new formality.

If you have any questions unanswered here, contact the tax authorities. The Connexion may also answer more reader queries, email