Paris - Berlin night train returns from December 12

Prices are yet to be announced however they are expected to be in line with OBB’s other night services, starting at around €50

The service is set to return after a nine year hiatus
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The Paris - Berlin night train will return on December 12 following a nine year hiatus.

“The service will start on December 11 from Berlin, running three times a week, and will become a daily service from October 2024”, said a spokesperson for operator OBB to Agence France Presse.

The train from Paris will leave the following day.

The Vienna-based OBB operator runs night trains all over Europe under its Nightjet brand. It already has a Paris - Vienna sleeper route with tickets from €29.40 for reclinable seats and up to €371 for fully furnished luxury cabins that include a double bed, shower, towels and slippers.

The Paris - Berlin train will stop at Mannheim, Erfurt and Halle, on a journey lasting around ten hours.

The relaunch of the Paris - Berlin night train was announced in 2020 as part of the wider push to reintroduce night trains, which are seen as a relatively green means of transport compared with air travel.

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Prices for the new route have yet to be announced, and there is still some discussion ongoing as to whether the train should go through Sarrebruck or Strasbourg.

However, Transport Minister Clément Beaune told Le Monde that the train will also stop in Strasbourg once the details have been ironed out, which he suggested will be no later than 2025.

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