Reminder: Last day to buy discount annual French railcard

Reduction of 50% is currently available on ‘Avantage’ cards that can be used for weekend high-speed train journeys and local services

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Today (September 5) is the last day to purchase a discounted ‘Avantage’ annual railcard from the SNCF.

All three versions of the card – ‘jeune’ for those aged 12 – 27, ‘adulte’ for people between 28 – 59, and ‘sénior’ for those aged 60 and above, have seen the same 50% reduction applied, bringing the price down to €24.50.

Once purchased, the card has to be activated within five months, and then applies discounts for the following 12 months.

The card offers discounts on high-speed rail journeys across France, as well as on certain regional TER services.

The card can also cap the price of journeys made on high-speed routes – depending on the duration of travel – if part of your journey takes place over the weekend.

For the ‘jeune’ and ‘sénior’ cards, the price cap is €39 for journeys less than one hour and thirty minutes, €59 for journeys between one hour thirty minutes and three hours, and €79 for journeys of more than three hours.

For the ‘adulte’ cards, the caps are €49, €69, and €89 respectively.

A discount on the Carte Liberté, which offers fully flexible tickets and fixed prices across all routes, is also available until October 5 – provided you purchase the ticket using a code from your employer.

Finally, a flash sale of 100,000 tickets on low-cost Ouigo routes across France for only €10 will take place on September 6 and 7.

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