Man killed by Asian hornets

Father-of-three dies of shock after being stung by swarm when he disturbed nest while trimming hedge

6 November 2012

A MAN has died in Coron, near Cholet in Maine-et-Loire, after being stung by Asian hornets - frelons asiatiques.

The 54-year-old, a married father-of-three, was stung several times after he disturbed hornets while trimming the hedge in his garden.

He died before emergency services could reach him after suffering a violent allergic reaction. He is thought to be the third person to die from a hornet sting, although no official figures are kept.

The first Asian hornet nest to be spotted in Maine-et-Loire was spotted at Coron in 2009 and 20 others were destroyed in 2010.

Now the hornets have crossed the Loire and pompiers told Ouest France that since September and October they have seen a large rise in numbers and they are "being called out nearly every day to destroy a nest".

Last month Ecology Minister Delphine Batho and Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll declared the Asian hornet an "invasive and harmful species" and they will introduce country-wide control measures by the end of the year.
Photo: Fredciel

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