Cold-pressed oils are perfect for autumn salads

Guénard in Vierzon create award-winning oils

WITH autumn’s arrival comes France’s fabulous array of seasonal salads – pear and Roquefort or endive and fig among them – made even more delicious by the liberal drizzling of the very best walnut oil. Which means it is time to stock up on this store cupboard essential.

Founded in 1824 in Vierzon, Cher (in the ancient region of Berry), the Huileries du Berry originally produced walnut oil for the local market. In 1926, the Guénard family took over and moved to Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher. By 1976 it was on the other river bank at Noyers-sur-Cher and over the years, the business has diversified.

By 2004, peanut oil from Les Landes was added to the company’s range of 100% French oils – today the full list of huiles also includes almond, hazlenut, pecan, argan, colza (rape seed oil) and many more.

All Guénard oils are created from cold-pressings to guarantee a fresh aroma – and are untreated and additive-free. Some undergo a second process to create a finer, more refined oil, cleaner and lighter in colour. If you find the taste of walnut oil too overpowering, select a less powerful version with 15% or 50% content. Walnut oil, 25cl for €8.50.