Covid 19: French baker prints attestations on bread bags

Inspired decision has boosted regular trade and proved a big hit with customers

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A baker in northern France has solved multiple lockdown problems with one stroke of inspiration.

Teddy Rousselot, of the Boulangerie Saint Fiacre, Seine-et-Marne, stopped a confinement-induced drop-off in sales, helped customers without access to a printer, and prevented them from getting caught without a required lockdown attestation by having the documents printed on the bags in which he puts his baguettes.

Apres le concour de la meilleur baguette 2020 venez découvrir nos sachets attestation

Posted by Boulangerie saint fiacre on Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Mr Rousselot told news website 20minutes that many of his customers 'did not see the point of wasting paper for a baguette'. He said it also helped older clients who may not be able to print out the documents or download them.

He ordered 20,000 bags printed with the document on the second day of the autumn lockdown, and noticed a quick upturn in regular trade, allowing him to better anticipate daily sales. “Instead of coming once to buy six baguettes and freeze them, customers came back every day," he said.