Five things they don’t tell you about ‘les rosbifs’ (Brits) in France

Pubs, sex, food - columnist Samantha David pokes some good-natured fun at the stereotypical Briton in France

If the stereotypes are to be believed, British people know nothing about fashion which is why the men all wear bowler hats

1. Le sexe

Evidently, les rosbifs are lacking in knowledge of matters romantic.

They are pudique (discreet) and reserved to the point that the French have no clue how they manage to breed any babies at all.

All except the lately departed, much-loved Jane Birkin, of course, who was un sex-symbol mythique.

Oh là là!

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2. La cuisine

Everyone knows that the English eat anything, at any time of the day and night, including jam with meat.

Tea-time is 17.00 and it is impossible to eat dinner after 20.00.

As for their refusal to eat frogs’ legs and snails, well, they simply know nothing about proper French food.

Bon appétit!

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3. La mode

Les Britanniques also know very little about fashion, which is why the men all wear les chapeaux melons (bowler hats).

Also, they do not know that certain types of print and certain colour combinations are interdits.

And as for the mini jupes in winter, the big boots with dresses and the blue hair...

Très originale!

4. La politesse

It is well known that British people are too polite to ever express their true feelings.

It is, therefore, extremely hard to understand how they function.

Do they never argue?

How is it possible to know an English person who only ever says “I see” or “An interesting point”.

C’est fou!

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5. Les pubs

Despite being cold and never expressing their true feelings, in les pubs one can often find rosbifs making a lot of noise while playing peculiar games such as darts, and also slapping each other on the back, and buying drinks for total strangers.

This is confusing but also part of the charme des anglais.


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