Letters: French tax problems easier to resolve than UK issues

Connexion reader says that their attempts to contact HMRC have proved frustrating

Reader says that tax help is readily available in France, unlike in the UK

 To the Editor,

The French tax declaration is not easy to complete, but at least help is readily and willingly provided.

In contrast, I have found it impossible to contact HMRC in the UK about a tax code they have imposed on my pension.

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I have phoned 10 times and, after about 10 minutes talking to a robot, they hang up on me. 

I have nearly managed to set up the government Gateway account for UK citizens living abroad but failed at the final hurdle because I cannot supply a UK address (I don’t have one). 

I have tried to contact them by post, but have not received a reply.

Have others had this problem and what is the solution?

H M Wills, by email

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