Melon salad makes most of olive oil

Reader sends in melon salad recipe that is ‘very tasty, light meal, ideal for a summer’

After our recent story on olive oil killing cancer cells, Connexion reader Colin Brierley has sent in a melon, cucumber and feta salad that has added spice with the addition of extra virgin olive oil.

He said: “It is great news to hear that extra virgin olive oil is good for you. It is one of those products that takes quite some time to acquire the true taste, but in time food seems very bland without it.”

Mr Brierley suggested that his salad would make a “very tasty, light meal, ideal for a summer (hopefully) midday lunch”.

There is little need for a recipe as it can be adjusted to suit whatever and however much of each product you have available – and the ingredients are simply “a good helping of olive oil, melon, cucumber, and feta cheese, and chopped mint, and accompanied with a nice wedge of fresh baguette”.

Mr Brierley adds that at this time of year melon is at its best.

One nice aspect of the salad is that you come to recognise the flavour of the olive oil and, although French oil has a mild flavour, you can experiment with olive oils from different sources as the flavours vary with the climate and region, from rich and fruity to spicy.

If you have your own favourite summer recipe using olive oil – or any favourite summer recipe - please send it and a photograph to news[at] We will share them with readers online, especially if they make our mouths water...