Artist paints mural for grandmother’s 100th birthday

A French artist has painted a huge wall mural in Bordeaux to celebrate his grandmother’s 100th birthday.

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Pierre Bertolotti, a decorative and graffiti artist originally from Lorraine, painted the almost-photo-realistic image of his grandparents embracing, in a black-and-white composition inspired by the work of English photographer Lee Jeffries.

The painting seeks to honour Bertolotti’s grandmother for reaching such a grand age, as well as celebrating her ongoing level of activity and lust for life.

“It is pretty rare to reach such an age, and my grandma still does so many things, despite her being in a retirement home,” the artist explained to French news source, 20 Minutes.

Bertolotti - who usually signs his graffiti artwork as Scaf Oner, but wrote "Happy Birthday Mamie, 100 ans" next to this painting - created the artwork in a ‘free expression’ area in a disused warehouse in Darwin near Bordeaux, where graffiti artists are able to work together without fear of recrimination.

Members of the public are invited to visit the warehouse if they wish.

Far from a simple abandoned building, the Darwin development also offers itself as a co-working site and includes areas for freelancers, meeting rooms for hire, a restaurant/café, a bar, an organic grocery shop, a workshop and DIY space, and a skate park.

Street artists are free to use the walls of the warehouse as long as they do not harm existing work by other artists.