Can I change my French electricity supplier for a cheaper alternative?

With electricity prices soaring, we explain the steps to take to change company in order to find a better deal

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It has since 2007 been possible to change electricity suppliers at any moment in France without any additional costs.

There are several electricity suppliers in France all offering different contracts at different prices.

Electricity market prices are rising steeply all around Europe at the moment, which may lead to customers looking for a cheaper deal.

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One attractive offer is to change supplier to France’s state-owned supplier EDF. This is because EDF can, unlike other suppliers, offer a deal called a tarif réglementé de vente (TRV), also known as a Tarif Bleu.

This aims to guarantee consumers a more stable price for electricity than market prices, since it is considered a basic necessity.

The TRV was frozen at a 4% rise in autumn 2021, and this cap will remain in place until the end of 2022.

In certain communes in France, this offer can also be given by Entreprises Locales de Distribution (ELD).

It means that in many instances EDF will currently be able to provide customers with the best deals on electricity, although in some cases alternative tariffs which are indexed on the regulated rate may prove to be cheaper.

The majority of households in France are supplied by EDF, with around 35% using its competitors, such as Engie, TotalEnergies or Eni, La Dépêche reported.

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It should be noted, however, that it is not possible to switch back to the tarif réglementé for gas if you have previously moved to a different supplier.

Finding a new electricity supplier

You can choose to change electricity suppliers at any point and as many times as you wish. Your electricity supplier does not have to be the same as your gas supplier.

You can compare offers using the government’s price comparison tool at this link.

You need to supply information such as where you live and your average energy consumption. If you do not know your average consumption, you can use an estimation tool that is available as part of the price comparison process.

After you have entered all your details, the site will show you a list of all your options. You can choose to sort it by the cheapest deal.

How do I go about changing contracts?

If you choose to change suppliers, you only need to sign up to a new contract with the company you choose.

The company will manage the cancellation of your old contract.

You do not need to change your electricity metre and the old company will keep supplying you with electricity until the new company takes over.

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