D-Day commemorations: What events are happening around France?

American soldiers land on Omaha Beach in 1944

A dozen major events and thousands of smaller local ones are to be held across France as the country marks the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

The events will not only commemorate the landings themselves, but the work of the French Resistance and the civilians who died in France under occupation. 

What events are planned for around France?

  • Homage to Resistance fighters in Marseille

  • Fireworks on D-Day landing beaches

    More than 20 huge firework displays will light up the sky simultaneously over the five Landing Beaches for a family-friendly and free event. It kicks off a special D-Day Festival, which lasts until June 16.

  • International event on Omaha Beach

    The main international event on Omaha Beach in Normandy will be attended by British, Canadian and American soldiers who landed on the beaches on this day in 1944. It is set to be a particularly poignant event, and perhaps the last landmark commemoration where soldiers present during the landings will still be able to come.

  • President Macron visits Cherbourg and Bayeux

    Visits by the Mr Macron to Cherbourg and Bayeux to “to commemorate the permanence of the Republic and its values”.

  • Homage in Nouvelle-Aquitaine to victims of Nazism

    June 10: Visits to Tulle and Oradour-sur-Glane in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, to pay homage to civilians killed by Nazi brutality across France, and specifically in these areas.

  • Remembering Resistance fighters in Provence

    A celebration of the Resistance fighters in Provence, and the international soldiers who landed in the south of France as part of efforts to push the Nazis out.

  • Homage to General Charles de Gaulle in Mont-Valérien (Hauts-de-Seine).

  • Fête nationale

    France’s Fête nationale will see commemorations of the Resistance effort, alongside non-French troops who fought and died in 1944 liberating the country.

  • In memory of landings in Provence

    The President will honour the foreign soldiers who landed on the beaches of Provence in the South.

  • Celebration of the liberation of Paris

  • Celebration of the liberation of Strasbourg.

Other events may still be added, as the President seeks to make this a year “of transmission” for commemorations.