Decathlon, Andros, Panzani: what is France's favourite brand?

French food brands dominate list although global giants are present

Many of the brands can be found across French supermarket shelves
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A list of France’s favourite brands has been released, with a popular dairy company losing the top spot.

Although 24 of the top 30 brands were already in the rankings last year, La Laitière – a subsidiary of Nestlé which produces yoghurts and other dairy-based desserts – dropped to third on the list.

The top spot this year went to Bonne Maman, another dessert company which makes cakes, biscuits, jam, and a host of other sweet treats.

Only one product, Tefal, remained in the same place (15th) on the list, which is released annually by Marque préférée des Français.

Many French brands ranked high

Korean electronics company Samsung took second spot, climbing 11 places compared to the previous year, and being the only non-food or drink product in the top 10.

Amazon and Google were also listed in the top 30, joining Samsung as representatives of global companies.

However, not everyone is happy with the services these companies provide in France.

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A significant proportion of the best-ranking brands are French, or sell mainly on the French market, including Bonne Maman.

Others include St Michel an Lu (both biscuit manufacturers) Paysan Breton and Lustucru.

Decathlon, which came 23rd on the list, may be a global brand, but is French in origin, and was created in Lille in 1976.

You can see the full list below, including where the products were ranked last year.

  • Bonne Maman (+3 places)

  • Samsung (+11 places)

  • La Laitière (-2 places)

  • St Michel (+2 places)

  • Danone (+9 places)

  • Cristaline (+5 places)

  • Andros (+17 places)

  • Cote d’Or (+13 places)

  • Panzani (+3 places)

  • Président (-1 place)

  • Nestlé Dessert (+16 places)

  • Bic (+4 places)

  • Lu (-11 places)

  • Petit Navire (+4 places)

  • Tefal (unchanged from 2023)

  • Lindt (-13 places)

  • Google (new entry)

  • Barilla (-8 places)

  • Amora (-11 places)

  • Carte d'Or (-15 places)

  • Elle & Vire (new entry)

  • Magnum (-15 places)

  • Decathlon (-6 places)

  • Moulinex (-5 places)

  • Lustucru (-3 places)

  • Maille (new entry)

  • Amazon (new entry)

  • Alsa (-3 places)

  • Paysan Breton (new entry)

  • Monopoly (new entry)

Some brands to lose their spot in the rankings were Yoplait, Bosch, Milka, Boursin, Ferrero Rocher and Bonduelle.

Another list focuses on retail brands

A similar list, released by consumer rights magazine LSA and consulting firm OC&C was also released earlier this week.

It focused on stores and retail brands, rather than singular brands, and again saw French companies doing well.

Decathlon took top spot for the fourth time in 10 years, followed by frozen food store Picard. Grand Frais, a supermarket, took third place.

Electronics department store FNAC dropped five places in the rankings, and IKEA fell by four places.

One of the best performing brands was beauty giant Yves Rocher, cho climbed 12 places in the rankings.

The top ten can be found below:

  • Decathlon

  • Picard

  • Grand Frais

  • Leroy Merlin

  • E.Leclerc

  • Cultura

  • Fnac

  • Yves Rocher

  • Ikea

  • Galeries Lafayette

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