Discount French chain NOZ now stocks Minelli shoes among bargain buys

Habitat furniture, Camaïeu clothing and home goods have also recently been put in sale at the 300 plus stores that sell off goods from bankrupt firms

A view of a blue and white NOZ store in Bordeaux, France
NOZ is now the country’s leading destock store, and sells items for large discounts

Millions of items of stock from bankrupt companies such as Habitat, Minelli shoes and Camaïeu clothes are on sale at knock-down prices at discount store NOZ, which has 310 sites across France.

The clearance group has snapped up products from a range of companies that have gone into administration, and is reselling them at prices up to 70% off the original listing prices. 

They include:

Habitat France furniture

  • December 2023

  • 130,000 sofas, chairs, and beds home goods

  • February 2023

  • 113,000 decor items and 28,000 pieces of furniture

San Marina shoes

  • February 2023

  • 450,000 pairs of shoes and boots

Camaïeu clothing

  • November 2022

  • 1.5 million items

Toujust supermarkets

  • January 2024

  • 500 pallets of food, drinks, hygiene and miscellaneous products

It is also now also selling 170,000 pairs of shoes from the Minelli brand.

You can check some of the stores’ new stock here.

NOZ, which first opened in 1976 in Laval, Mayenne, under the name Le Soldeur, is now known as one of the European leaders in clearance and bargain hunting. In 1992, it changed its name to NOZ (apparently a random name) after a new ruling forced it to remove the reference to ‘sales (soldes)’ in its title.

By 2002, it had 100 stores in France although it had to close 24 of these in 2022 due to supply problems during the pandemic. However it managed to recover and in 2023 sales increased by 40%. 

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It is now France's leading group for buying and reselling unsold stock from suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers, and has 310 sites nationwide as well as 11 logistics centres.

It has hit headlines in recent years after the collapse of high-profile companies such as Habitat France and Camaïeu.

The store relies on attracting customers with super-low costs, and selling them items that they did not necessarily come in to purchase.

“We don't come [to NOZ] with a specific shopping list,” one shop manager told TF1 Info recently. “We come for ‘just in case’ or ‘maybe’, and in the end we leave with a full trolley.”