France is arrogant - say the French

But Europe-wide study points finger at Germans ... while also saying they are trustworthy

FRENCH people have been named the most arrogant people in Europe – by the French themselves.

A survey of nearly 8,000 people across Europe asked a series of questions about which nationalities were the most trustworthy, the most arrogant or the most sympathetic.

However, while some French named France as the most arrogant country, other said it was the least arrogant. No such split for the British and Germans, who all named France as the most arrogant... with themselves as the least arrogant.

British and Germans both claimed their own country was the most sympathetic and blamed the other for being the least sympathetic.

But citizens of other countries saw things differently, with the Czechs, Italians, Spanish, Greeks and Poles all naming Germany as the most arrogant... while most said it was the most trustworthy.

Even the French agreed that the Germans were trustworthy – with only Greece saying differently: and naming themselves for the honour.