French fuel shortage: How to check stocks at your local petrol station

With strikes affecting supply at the moment, we suggest different websites and apps to check what stocks petrol stations have around the country

There are several ways to check the stocks of petrol stations in France

There are various websites and apps that allow people to check if local petrol stations have a supply of the fuel that they need for their cars.

This could be useful with the current shortage of fuel at many petrol stations around France due to a strike at six Esso and TotalEnergies refineries over wage demands.

Around 28.1% of petrol stations in France are currently experiencing supply problems as of today (October 18), according to the ecological transition ministry.

The shortages are especially impacting stations in the north, with Hauts-de-France and Ile-de-France severely affected.

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Websites and apps to check petrol stations supplies

The government platform allows you to check both fuel prices and stocks at petrol stations in every department and commune in France.

To do this, select the type of fuel you are looking for and enter your department and town to see the list of stations. Only petrol stations that have supplies of the fuel you are looking for will be displayed.

Around 10,000 petrol stations are included and the information is updated regularly – the time and date of the latest information is shown on the website when you look up the list of stations.

The image below shows what the website looks like.

Pic: Screenshot / prix-carburants.gouv

If you usually use TotalEnergies’ stations, the company’s website also has an interactive map that allows you to check the fuel supply at its stations.

If the fuel you are looking for is crossed out, it means that it is out of stock.

Finally, there are mobile applications that allow you to check the status of petrol stocks.

For example, Essence/Gasoil Now (Android / iOs), Fuel Flash (Android / iOS) and Station La Moins Chère (Android). Below, you can see a list of the most downloaded apps in France and, as it stands, the fuel apps are more popular than Tiktok and Amazon.

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