French PM shows support after Finnish counterpart's partying fallout

Elisabeth Borne said that criticism over images of Sanna Marin dancing and partying reveals ‘often misogynistic’ attitudes

French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne has expressed her support for her Finnish counterpart
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France’s prime minister has expressed her support to her Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin, after images emerged of the latter dancing and singing on a night out with friends.

Élisabeth Borne wrote to Ms Marin, 36, telling her that she “represents the new generation” and that she “firmly” condemned the “fruitless debates” provoked by the leaked images, the Journal du Dimanche reports.

In the footage, which Ms Marin did not realise would be published online, the Finnish prime minister can be seen dancing and singing with friends.

The video sparked criticism from opposition parties, with one leader demanding that Ms Marin take a drugs test, which she did - it came back negative.

"I danced, sang, and partied - perfectly legal things. And I've never been in a situation where I've seen or known of others [using drugs]," she said at the time.

Ms Marin used to be the world’s youngest head of government – although this title has now been taken up by Chilean president Gabriel Boric – and she has not tried to hide that she enjoys partying and going to music festivals.

Ms Borne denounced the “often misogynistic and always reactionary character of malicious comments” directed towards Ms Marin, and said that they “reflect the long road which remains to be travelled towards equality between men and women.

“You have embodied [...] this fight since you entered politics, and you embody it more than ever today.

“What history will retain of this new, feminised generation – that you and your coalition represent – is not these videos, nor the photos but the brave policies that you have championed,” including Finland’s “support for Ukraine” and the “historic decision to join NATO”.

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