French supermarket pineapples recalled over pesticide levels

Recall affects supermarkets across country including Carrefour

Two different versions of the product have been recalled

A nationwide recall of pineapples has been launched in France, after they were found to have levels of pesticides above regulated levels.

The pineapples were sold under the ‘TOPEXO’ brand name between June 3 and 10 in supermarkets including Leclerc, Blampin fruits, Pomona, Terre Azur, Trias, Paris Select, Léguriviera, and Carrefour.

The pineapples had the code number 3760146740020, and were grown in Benin.

Anyone who bought one of the products can return it to the store of purchase for a refund by June 30. 

A helpline has been set up at 01 41 73 23 07 for those with any questions.

Unbranded pineapples sold at Carrefour with the code 3276558494302 and lot number Y04 86610 have also been recalled. 

These can be returned up until July 5 for a refund at the Carrefour store of purchase.

You can find more information on the official RappelConso product recall website, although the potential health risks of ingesting the products are not stated.

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