French supermarket recalls beef steaks with wrong expiry date

Packaging dates were incorrectly extended by a month. It comes as France launches an official website dedicated to listing recalled products for consumers

Lidl supermarket logo. French supermarket recalls beef steaks with wrong expiry date
Customers can return affected products to Lidl supermarkets even without a receipt
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An alert has been raised over beef steaks sold by the national supermarket chain Lidl as they have been labelled with the wrong expiry date.

Customers who bought the steaks are asked to return them to the supermarket or be aware of the real expiry date which is a month earlier.

Farmers’ cooperative Sicarev is recalling the product “2 Pavés*** Charolais Label Rouge 260g” from the brand L'étal du boucher, sold by Lidl.

On the packaging, the DLC (Date Limite de Consommation, meaning the expiry date) is incorrect.

Instead of April, 24, 2021, the date on the packaging reads May 24, 2021.

Affected steaks will have the following information on their packaging:

Brand: L’étal du boucher

EAN : 4056489137849

Lot : 10450717

DLC étiquetée : 24/05/2021

People who have bought any such steaks are advised to eat them before April 24, or to return them to a Lidl supermarket.

Customers can be reimbursed for the mislabelled steaks even if they do not have a receipt.

If you have a question about a product you have bought, you can contact the Lidl customer service helpline on 0 800 900 343.

Site helps consumers identify recalled goods

The government launched an official site in April, called Rappel Conso, where you can check if food and other goods have been recalled, and for what reasons.

In a menu bar on the left, the site categorises recalled products by type, for example, food, cosmetics and beauty, and clothing.

There is also a search bar at the top where you can enter the name of a product to see if it appears on the list.

Recently added items include raspberries recalled due to a possible risk of norovirus, slimming teas with levels of additives that are over safety levels, and a white chocolate tablet, which contains a banned chemical colourant.

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