Has the price of a contrôle technique risen in your area of France?

The cost of roadworthiness checks has stayed relatively stable for combustion engine vehicles over the past four years, but some areas have seen a rise

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Every two years cars in France that are over four years old have to undergo the 133-point test – similar to an MOT in the UK
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The cost of a contrôle technique (CT) in France has remained relatively stable in the past year, despite the Covid crisis and rising inflation, figures show. However, some areas have seen rises.

Every two years cars in France that are over four years old have to undergo the 133-point test – similar to an MOT in the UK – to ensure that they are roadworthy.

A comparison of the prices of 5,625 specialised centres by comparison website Simplauto.com found that the average cost of a service in June 2022 was €78.52 for a two-wheel-drive, individually-owned combustion engine car.

This compares to €77.62 for the same kind of vehicle in 2018 (the date of the last study), meaning the average cost has risen just 1.16% in four years.

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The price has even fallen in some departments, including Aude (drop of 4.61%), Loiret (drop of 3.59%) and Landes (drop of 3.19%).

The price has risen by more than the average in just two departments: Indre-et-Loire (up 8.44%) and Corrèze (up 5.51%).

The table below shows the average prices per department in 2018 and 2022, and the difference between them in a percentage.

Table: Simplauto.com / Capital.fr / Flourish

The study summarised: “Following the reform of the contrôle technique in May 2018, our barometer revealed a historic price increase of around 12%. Since then, this increase seems to have stalled despite the current inflationary context. This is both unprecedented and surprising.”

In 2018, the number of factors needed to be validated for a contrôle technique went up from 123 to 133.

Prices for contrôles techniques are not fixed by the government, but garages must be official ‘contrôle technique centres’ in order to carry out the service.

Simplauto.com said: “Each centre is free to set its own rates, depending on the local competition.”

This means that prices can vary wildly across the country. The highest prices are usually found in the south of France and the Alps, especially in Haute-Savoie, where the average cost is almost €100.

Lower prices are usually found in central France.

The news comes despite warnings of a ‘contrôle technique bottleneck’ in March, after many checks were delayed due to the first Covid lockdown.

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Electric vehicle checks cost more

Electric and hybrid vehicles still require a contrôle technique, and the price is usually higher than for a combustion vehicle.

The study found that the cost is around 8% higher on average nationally (€84.80 for a hybrid, and €85.10 for an electric model). A GPL vehicle costs even more, at an average of more than €93.

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