iPhone12 users in France to get free update over ‘electrowave issue’

Phones were removed from sale earlier this week due to breaking EU regulations with strength of electromagnetic waves

Owners of the Apple iPhone12 in France are to receive a free update to their phone
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Owners of the Apple iPhone12 in France are to receive a free update to their phone.

It comes after French officials banned the model from sale in the country when it was discovered that the strength of the electromagnetic waves it produces were higher than the legal limit allowed by the EU.

They had threatened to recall all phones of that model if Apple did not fix the issue.

The tech giant has now said it would release a free update for the phones based in France in the coming days in a statement to Reuters.

As of now, phones in other countries are not slated to get the update, although

“We look forward to iPhone12 continuing to be available in France,” it said, before adding the issue “is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators and not a safety concern.”

The Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), which called for the ban, said it welcomed the news and was looking forward to testing the products after the update and hopefully being able to lift the ban.

Phone still available in other EU countries

As of today (September 15) France is the only country to pull the product from shelves.

German authorities said they were in contact with the ANFR, whilst Belgium and the Netherlands have decided to launch its own review into the matter.

Italy will ask Apple to update iPhone12s being sold in the country.

Even though the wave levels are higher than what the law allows for, the EU limit is still 10 times lower than the level where harm for users could be expected.

It is not known when the update will be released.

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