June strike call for private clinics and hospitals in France

200,000 private healthcare workers may walk out over hospital funding row

Doctors and nurses in a hospital in France
More than 1,000 private clinics could be affected
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Medical staff across the private healthcare sector in France are primed to go on a “total strike” from June 3 after a row over private hospital funding. 

The Fédération de l'Hospitalisation Privée (FHP) is backing the strike, alongside all major private healthcare unions, after the funding figures for 2024 were revealed for both private and public facilities.

This ‘total strike’ action will include walkouts and a pause on administrative tasks, but not an end to “the provision of vital care" for patients.

In addition, treatments and appointments that if cancelled would negatively impact a patient’s chances of recovering or surviving an illness will not be impacted.

The clinics have "no option but to strike," said Lamine Gharbi, president of the federation.

"The government must open its eyes – by weakening private hospitalisation, it is weakening the entire healthcare system,” he added.

Up to 200,000 private healthcare professionals, including 40,000 private doctors across more than 1,000 establishments are eligible to join the action.

The strike may last weeks, with no end date yet being given.Further announcements over the strike are expected in the coming weeks. 

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Private hospitals to be ‘in 60% deficit by end of year’

Last week, the government announced a 4.3% increase in tariffs for public hospitals and the not-for-profit sector for the 2024 year.

However, for private establishments these were only raised by 0.3%. 

It is "unacceptable not to grant the funding needed to increase salaries in the private sector, when this is being done for healthcare professionals in all other establishments,” the FHP said in a press release

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It predicts that hospital deficits – already at 40% – could reach 60% by the end of the year if the 0.3% tariff increase is locked in. 

The FHP said it intends to take legal action over the changes, due to the “lack of transparency and consultation,” from the Health Ministry over the tariff changes. 

If the action does not resolve the dispute, however; the strikes are likely to see the majority of workers in the sector walk out.