La Rochelle, Antibes, Paris: The most expensive streets in France

Highest property prices in cities and towns revealed in new report

Rue de Furstemberg in Paris is France’s most expensive street
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The most expensive streets in France have been revealed in a new ranking by real estate company Meilleurs Agents.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most expensive street in the country is in Paris, at the heart of the French capital’s historic centre.

While Paris is home to the five most expensive streets, we also take a look at the priciest addresses outside of the capital.

Credit: Meilleurs Agents


Rue de Furstemberg – €24,272/m².

Located in the historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés district in the centre of the French capital, Rue de Furstemberg is home to the tree-lined Place de Furstemberg.

Property along this sought-after street sells for far above the Parisien average of €9,403/m².

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Boulevard de la Croisette – €12,410/m².

The glamorous Côte d’Azur is one area that has bucked the national trend of falling property prices.

The Boulevard de la Croisette, set right alongside Cannes’ famous La Croisette beach, is the most expensive street in the region. Homes here sell for double the Cannes average of €6,127/m².


Boulevard John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy - €10,948/m².

Another entry along the French Riviera is the charming town of Antibes, located between Cannes and Nice. The tree-lined Boulevard John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy is home to some of the town’s most exclusive villas.


Avenue Jean-Lorrain – €10,300/m²

Sitting right beside the Mediterranean, homes on Avenue Jean-Lorrain will enjoy incredible sea views, which likely contributes to its price tag, the most expensive in Nice.


Avenue Giuseppe Verdi - €8,615/m²

This short pedestrianised street in the centre of this famous university city is, unlike the preceding streets, mainly home to shops.


Avenue Maréchal Lyautey - €7,066/m²

Homes along the Avenue Maréchal Lyautey sell for significantly more than Marseille’s average of €3,536.


Rue Gasparin - €6,743/m²

The Rue Gasparin is an historic street in the centre of France’s third-largest city, home to shops and apartments with ornate balconies.


Rue Voltaire - €6,579/m²

Bordeaux’s most expensive street is home to shops and apartments.

La Rochelle

Avenue des Minimes - €6,452/m²

Another expensive street close to the sea, Avenue des Minimes borders La Rochelle’s port and the dozens of yachts docked there.


Rue Sainte Anne - €5,864/m²

This narrow, one-way street is nestled in the historic centre of Toulouse.

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