Macron responds to fuel petition with 1.16m names

French President Emmanuel Macron has responded directly to a now-famous gilets jaunes petition that has gathered over 1.16 million signatures against the rising price of fuel, saying “you are right”.

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The petition, “Pour une baisse des prix du carburant à la pompe ! (For a drop in the price of fuel at the pumps)”, was created by Priscilla Ludosky and published on the website France.

At the time of writing, it has gathered over 1.16 million signatures - and still growing - and Ms Ludosky has become one of the most well-known faces of the gilets jaunes movement.

Mr Macron has now responded directly to the petition, on the website itself.

His message read: “Dear Mme, dear everyone, you have suffered the full force of rising fuel prices, and have decided to react by signing this petition. I have heard your message. I am replying to you directly: you are right.”

Mr Macron continued: “Action against climate change is a necessary fight, but ‘end of the world problems’ must not work against ‘end of the month problems’.”

The President said he recognised “the gap that has opened up bit by bit between the public and its leaders”, which was, he said, a problem that he had “not yet managed to solve”.

He added: “The government has therefore cancelled the rise in fuel tax, and there will be no increases in gas or electricity prices over winter. In getting my attention with this petition, you have take part in an act of citizenship. If you are in agreement, I would like to continue this dialogue [with you].”

The President then invited the petition’s signatories to “leave their email address” on the Elysée website to “receive regular updates that affect you”.

Mr Macron concluded: “It is up to us to find solutions to make an opportunity - together, and through conversation - from this anger.”

Ms Ludosky does not appear to have responded yet, but is continuing to protest in person too.

She has called for a border blockade in France this weekend (Saturday December 22), in a movement dubbed the “gilets jaunes d’Europe” protest.

Her petition is currently the second-most-signed on the France website, just behind the “Loi travail, non merci (work law, no thank you)”, which gathered 1.3 million signatures against the Loi Travail of previous President, François Hollande.

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