Map: Where in France do people give most to charities?

Charitable giving varies considerably from region to region, but donations overall have dropped amid inflation and decreased purchasing power

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People are generally fairly generous in France but the amount given varies region by region
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People in France are typically generous when it comes to charity but a new study has found that this year fewer people are donating.

It also found that charitable donations vary considerably from region to region, with the west of the country, and those in larger cities, giving the most.

The poll by Odoxa for online crowdfunding site Leetchi and FranceBleu found that on average people give €191 each year to charities and associations, including via regular payments, fundraising events, and online crowdfunds.

City dwellers give more

From a geographical perspective, people living in larger towns and cities are - perhaps unsurprisingly - likely to give more.

  • Parisian region: €243 per year on average

  • Larger towns: €222

  • Medium-sized towns: €162

  • Smaller towns: €144

Regional differences

From region to region, there were some significant differences.

Above the national average:

  • Normandy: €242 per year on average

  • Pays de la Loire: €222

  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine: €238

  • Occitanie: €201

Below the national average:

  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: €184 per year on average

  • Grand Est: €182

  • PACA: €153

  • Hauts-de-France: €152

‘Most significant drop ever’

The poll also found that in the past 12 months, 38% of people have given less to charity, leading to the “most significant drop in donations ever” recorded, Odoxa said.

On average people gave €9 less in 2023 than in 2022, the poll found.

The main reasons cited were inflation, the rising cost of living and people’s decreased purchasing power.

However, some cited their doubts about how charitable donations would be used, while others said they had been deterred by the sheer volume of requests.

Most popular causes

There are a wide range of popular charitable causes in France, but the poll found that people are most likely to give to:

  • Medical research

  • Child protection and welfare

  • Animal protection

  • Help for the disadvantaged and people living in poverty

  • Help for disabled or chronically ill people

  • Environmental protection

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