Marine Le Pen: ‘Putin could become ally to France again’

The far-right presidential candidate said that the ‘great power’ could be an ally ‘against Islamic fundamentalism’

Marine Le Pen talks on stage
Marine Le Pen made the statement on a political TV show last week
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Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “could become an ally of France again” if the war in Ukraine ends.

The Rassemblement national candidate said that Mr Putin could be an ally “against Islamic fundamentalism if this were to become extremely brutal”.

She was speaking on the political TV show Elysée 2022 on France 2, on Thursday, March 31, and was asked directly: “If the war stops in Ukraine, could Putin become an ally of France?”.

She said: “Yes, of course. It depends on the situation. I have always said that a great power can be an ally in a number of situations, and also an adversary or competitor [in others].”

“Russia’s not going anywhere,” she added.

It comes just two weeks before France’s presidential election. Ms Le Pen has often spoken of her stance against the Islamic veil, and her party reportedly received a €9million loan from a Russian bank in 2014.

Yet, all the French presidential candidates have strongly condemned the war in Ukraine.

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