Motorway tolls, doctor fees, water leaks: 5 French practical updates

Our round-up of recent practical articles you may have missed

Split photo showing a telepeage sign, water meters, a pharmacy shelf, and a doctor having an appointment with a patient, in France.
We also cover how to find some popular non-French medicines, as well as rules around certain building projects

Tips to avoid French toll queues 

Our article shows three ways to avoid being stuck in the queues at French motorway toll booths.

There are more than 130 tolls across the country and they can cause significant delays to journeys.

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We also look at what routes are planning to remove these motorway toll booths in the coming years to switch to a fully digital system. 

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Water meters in France

This article gives an in-depth overview of water meters in France, including how to use them and where to find them.

We also look at who provides water access in France and how you can spot a leak yourself as well as the pros and cons of getting a separate ‘water insurance’ for your property.

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Doctor fees to rise next month 

The participation forfaitaire– a charge always paid by the patient during medical appointments – is set to double in May. 

The fee, a solidarity contribution that is paid to the healthcare service, is not covered by social security or top-up insurance (mutuelle). 

The fee will double to €2 per appointment but there is an annual cap.

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Finding familiar foreign medicines in France

If you get sick in France, it can be difficult to find the same-brand medicine you are used to back home - or to work out a suitable alternative. 

Here we list some of the most common medicines of pharmaceutical products used by English-speakers. Some can be found in pharmacies, others may be purchased online. 

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Do I need a certificat d’urbanisme

This article from our ‘Explained’ series looks at certificats d’urbanisme in France, and when they are needed by homeowners. 

There are two different types of the document depending on the type of project being looked at. 

We cover how you get one of these – and what information you need to give.

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