Mystery boxes, UK voting, tax declaration: 5 French practical updates

A round-up of recent practical articles you may have missed

We also list a host of recently announced changes relating to health, banking, politics…
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Voting in the upcoming UK election 

Changes since the last election mean more than 3 million Britons living abroad are eligible to vote in the upcoming UK General Election, set to be held on July 4. 

More than 7,000 people signed up on the day the election was announced, with thousands more expected to do so.

Our article explains both how to register to vote from abroad, as well as how you can cast your vote without having to return to the UK. 

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Address changes and residency permits 

A standardised address system coming into force from June means hundreds of thousands of rural residents have seen their addresses changed to help services find their location easier. 

We look at which services need to be informed of the address change and its effect on residency and visa cards. 

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New parcel scam to avoid 

An increase in the number of ‘mystery box’ scams has been reported in France. 

The practice sees scammers offer shoppers the chance to purchase parcels with unknown contents inside, which may contain products far more expensive than what you paid for them. 

However, the scene is rife with fraudsters, reselling parcels with low-quality items or not even sending them at all, shutting the company down before complaints can be made. 

We look at tips to avoid the scams, including how to look up whether a company is legitimate online prior to purchasing. 

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Help with tax declaration 

The first main deadline for online income tax declarations was this week (midnight on May 23), with the other two deadlines quickly approaching. 

We cover a list of useful resources – some in English – to help you with declaration queries you may have. 

Help can either be accessed online or other the telephone, and in some cases even in person at local tax office or volunteer centres.

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Changes you may have missed 

Finally, we list 18 recent changes – that have either already taken place or have been announced for a future date – that you may have missed in the news cycle. 

Some of the changes relate to the health sector, notably mandatory ambulance sharing, with others relating to banking, politics, and the French postal system, La Poste. 

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