New report reveals cost of Brigitte Macron to the French state

The six-figure outlay included travel and staff costs. It did not include anything for security or clothing

Brigitte Macron cost the French state more in 2022 than the previous year
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France’s first lady Brigitte Macron cost the state €315,808 last year, according to newly released figures.

France’s supreme audit court, the Cour des comptes, revealed the cost in its annual report on the French presidency.

The sum, which represents 0.28% of the Elysée’s total budget, covered travel expenses on official trips and staff costs.

The staff consist of two aides, an assistant to the aides, another advisor and six clerks responsible for managing her correspondence.

Mrs Macron took part in 14 official trips with her husband Emmanuel, half of which were to destinations abroad. She travelled 16 times in France without the president. Her office dealt with more than 11,000 letters, the report said.

Her missions include representing France alongside the president at summits and international reunions, answering requests, supervising official receptions at the Elysée and supporting charity, cultural and social events and associations for France’s international standing, the Cour des comptes added.

Security and clothes excluded

So what does the €315,808 not include?

Firstly, Mrs Macron benefits from the security team around the French president, but these costs do not form part of the sum. Other shared resources - such as travelling with her husband or using one of his aides - are also omitted.

Secondly, it does not include any spending on clothes for official functions.

How does the figure compare?

It has increased compared to previous years. Mrs Macron cost the French state €292,454 in 2021 and €291,826 in 2020.

However, Mrs Macron’s figures are lower than some of her predecessors.

Valérie Trierweiler, the partner of socialist president François Hollande, cost €396,900 in 2013.

Julia Gayet, the second partner of Mr Hollande, cost between €287,000 and €400,000 for security only, it was claimed, although it is unclear over what period these costs were accrued.

Carla Bruni, model and the partner of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, was caught in a controversy after it was alleged the Presidency had spent €410,000 for the maintenance of her personnel website, the Fondation Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Mrs Bruni has denied the allegations.

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