Partial eclipse of the Sun visible in France today: How to watch

The event will take place today, and your view will depend on where you are in the country. Viewers are warned to buy filter glasses in advance and never look at the Sun directly

Women look into the sun using solar eclipse glasses. Partial eclipse of the Sun visible in France this week: How to watch
Viewers are reminded to always use solar eclipse glasses and never look directly at the Sun even during the eclipse
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A partial eclipse of the Sun will be visible from France today, with the best times and areas to witness the event depending on your location across the country.

The event is set to take place from around 11:55 and 12:20, depending on where you are.

  • Quimper: 11:00 to 13:06, peak at 12:00
  • Paris: 11:13 to 13:15, peak at 12:12
  • Ajaccio: 11:52 to 12:29, peak at 12:10

People in the northwest are likely to have a better view than those in the southeast.

According to Le Monde, "at its maximum, the Moon will hide 7% of the solar diameter in Nice, 13% in the Cévennes, 16% in Bayonne, 18% in Bordeaux and Strasbourg, 20% in Châteauroux, 24% in Nantes and Paris, and 28% in Cherbourg and Dunkirk”.

Science magazine Sciences et Avenir has warned viewers to use a special filter to watch the eclipse and to never look directly at the Sun. The filter used must reduce the intensity of the rays, which can otherwise be very damaging to the eyes.

Cardboard glasses with filters are available to buy for around €2-5. They must be certified ‘CE’ and be unused, to provide sufficient protection.

The partial eclipse of the Sun is an annual event. It is visible from Canada to Russia, and partially visible from Europe, reaching to central China.

It will last three minutes and 51 seconds in total.

The next eclipses of the Sun that will be completely visible from France will be on November 5, 2059; and February 27, 2082.

Starlight, star bright

The magazine has also published a map of the night sky for June 2021, to help with your stargazing later in the day. It shows the night sky over France from around 22:00.

Map: / Johan Kieken (click to enlarge)

The map is circular and has the points of the compass listed around the edge. To use the map, align it correctly based on where you are looking.

It is configured for a latitude of 47° north, which corresponds to mainland France, and much of Europe, which is located between latitudes 40-54°.

It includes constellations and planets that are visible to the naked eye from June 15.

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