Register your gite with mairie now

Holiday home-owners must fill in a form and submit it to the local mairie by July 1 or face a fine.

HOLIDAY home-owners in France face a fine of up to €450 if they do not register their property with the local mairie by the end of this month.

The new requirement applies to anyone who runs a gite or other furnished holiday let in France, whether it is let all year round or for a limited period and regardless of how long they have owned it.

Ask your mairie for Cerfa form number 14004-01 - or download and print it from this link.

The two-page form needs to be sent to the mairie in the commune where the property is located - not the one where you live, if different.

The deadline is July 1 and the fine for failing to register can range from €45 to €450.

Registration has become compulsory under a new tourism law, which was passed in July last year.

The law included other measures including changes to the classification system for holiday accommodation, which has seen the arrival of France's first five-star hotels and campsites.

The owners of chambres d'hôtes (guest houses) are already required by law to register with their mairie.

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