SEE: the 10 most stolen cars in France in 2023

Thefts increased by 15% last year with SUVs particularly targeted

70% of car thefts happened without forced entry in 2023
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We review which models were most frequently stolen over the course of 2023, which saw a 15% rise in car theft.

A total of 70,469 vehicle were reported stolen in 2023, an increase of 11.1% over the previous year, according to insurance data from the Groupement des Assureurs français.

Two-thirds of these vehicles were cars, with almost a 15% rise in thefts. Of the types of cars stolen, 65% were SUVs.

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Up to 70% of thefts occurred without forced entry. In many cases, thieves use electronic means to steal the car.

The ten most stolen models in France in 2023:

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How do thieves steal cars electronically?

The thieves often work in pairs.

Once they have found a car that has keyless locking, one of them will try to get as close as possible to the key, even approaching the owner’s house, carrying a scanning device to detect the signal from the car’s key fob, which is a unique, encrypted code.

Once the key’s fob code has been detected, it is transmitted to the thief’s partner who has a receiver that amplifies the signal so it can be detected by the car.

This signal tricks the car into thinking that the owner is nearby, unlocking it. Many cars that use such devices also start via a button rather than an ignition key, which means that the thieves can simply drive away.

The advantage for thieves is that this method is fast and inconspicuous, and provides them with a modern car that can easily be sold abroad or broken up for parts.

You can keep your car safe from electronic theft by parking it in a garage or by fitting a steering wheel lock.

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