Six changes in France for residents and second-home owners in June 2024

From better access to psychological support to the reason why thousands may have to change their address

Changes including new rules on addresses, extra mental health support, increased powers for pharmacists and grants for children’s sports clubs

Change of address 

All homes in France must have a specific address when a law known as the 3Ds, adopted in 2022, comes into force on June 1. 

It makes it compulsory for all communes, even those with under 2,000 inhabitants, to name roads and number houses. The aim is to make it easier for services such as postal deliveries, broadband provision and emergency vehicles to access homes. 

As of the end of 2023, some 1.8 million people in France did not have a precise address. 

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Extra mental health support 

Extra financial support for people needing to access mental health provision will be available in France from June 1. 

Users of the Mon soutien psy (My psychological support) network will be reimbursed €50 for sessions with psychologists, up from the current €30. 

People will also be able to directly consult a psychologist without having to go through a doctor and the number of annual sessions covered will increase from eight to 12. 

To use the support, get in touch with an approved psychologist

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Pharmacists to take over some medical tasks 

Pharmacists will be given new powers from June 1 in a bid to ease the burden on GPs. 

They will be able to issue antibiotics prescriptions for the treatment of ailments including tonsillitis and cystitis. 

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Pass’Sport can be used

Those eligible for the Pass’Sport grant can use this from June 1. The government scheme is available to children aged six to 17 and provides €50 per child to go towards sports club memberships.

Families eligible for the grant include those on financial support and disability allowance. 

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Gas prices increase 

Gas prices are to increase by €2/MWh compared to May, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission. 

This equates to an increase of 2.3% in the average benchmark price excluding tax from €75.96/MWh to €77.62/MWh and of 1.8% for the average benchmark price including tax, from 111.19 €/MWh to €113.19/MWh.

End of tax declarations 

The deadline for those living in departments 55-95 and overseas departments to make their tax declaration online is 23:59 on June 6. 

Paper declarations should have been filed by May 21, while residents of departments 1-19 should have filed their online declarations by May 23. Those in departments 20-54 had until May 30. 

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