Storms and rain for most of France this weekend, low alerts raised

Only the south-east is expected to avoid a wet bank holiday weekend

The unpredictable nature of May weather is set to continue

The unstable weather in France will continue this weekend with storms and rain predicted for almost all of the country at various points. 

Only people on the Côte d'Azur will be able to make the most of a warm, sunny day on Saturday with temperatures reaching 22C as the rest of France will be hit by storms and rain. 

Across the country, temperatures are expected to be between 8C and 14C in the morning and 15C and 20C in the afternoon, around 2-3C colder than is usually expected at this time of year. They will be fairly even across France due to low pressure differences. 

Sunday sees much the same scenario but more of the south-east should be rain free. The rest of the country is on low alert for storms, with most of the rain expected in the afternoon. 

On lundi de Pentecôte, the bank holiday, storms and rain are again expected, with sunny spells in the north-east but do not expect to see much blue sky this weekend - wherever you are. 

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What about Thursday and Friday?

Today (May 16), state weather forecaster Météo France has placed 85 departments on low-level yellow alert for storms, rain, avalanches or floods. 

Almost all of the country will be overcast or raining, with only Vendée, Loire-Atlantique, Eure, Seine-Maritime and Oise avoiding the yellow alert. 

The situation is expected to calm overnight, with better weather on Friday morning and yellow alerts lifted for many areas on Saturday although the rain is likely to continue.

Storms will return in the afternoon throughout the country except the south-east.

Generally speaking over the next few days, the temperatures will remain consistent throughout, between 8C and 12C in the mornings (some central regions may drop as low as 5C) and 15C to 22C in the afternoons. 

Watch this severe hailstorm affecting vines in the Var in the south of France on Wednesday May 15. 

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You can keep up to date with all official weather warnings through the Météo France website.